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National and regional cluster profiles, Denmark

VINNOVA was assigned by the Swedish Government to carry out an international study to shed light on the competitiveness of the Swedish sectorial innovation systems of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical technology in international

The study includes analyses in three main focus areas in an innovation system perspective:

• The key players in the Swedish innovation system, who they are and their position in an international comparison

• Trends, initiatives and commitments in other countries/regions

• Comparative case studies to investigate the competitiveness of the Swedish innovation system

The main question is what structure, growth and development capacity does the Swedish pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical technology industry have compared to other countries/regions excelling in this field?

The present report is one of the studies carried out as part of the project. The aim is to analyse the structure and dynamics of the life science industry in Denmark with the same methodology as has previously been applied to Sweden, VINNOVA VA 2007:16. The present report does to a limited extent analyse the implications of the results identified. A more in depth discussion regarding this is found in the study VINNOVA VA 2008:09 of the benchmarking project. A comparison has in this report also been made with an earlier survey with data from 2003 of the Medicon Valley region’s companies and employees.

The project manager of the Government commission is Anna Sandström at the Strategy Development Division of VINNOVA and the authors of the report are Stina Gestrelius, Medicon Valley Alliance, Anna Sandström, VINNOVA and Tage Dolk, Addendi AB.

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